After suffering from acne for years...

I became frustrated with treatments and products that didn’t work. I was left with little hope and scaring. I decided to attend Esthetic school. In the summer of 1997 I finished my schooling and was eager to get to work. So excited I found myself in a medical skin care clinic. I was blessed to learn what it took in the beauty industry. I loved it! Before long I realized I needed more education. While working with people I took additional classes specializing in paramedical training. After three years of working in that clinic I had a passion to work on my own. I was able to create what I’ve always dreamed of, linking myself to two Doctors I had the opportunity to change people’s lives.

Moving to Colorado I started all over fresh. Blessed again to create a studio that focuses on correcting skin, and meeting people I can help means the world to me. I have taken my knowledge with me and still to this day continue to learn and grow.

 Established in 1997, Linnea has achieved licensed Paramedical status through an accumulation of ongoing Medical Esthetic education, training, and work experience.  She has a progressive practice that includes the latest proven research which is focused and committed to provide the best services and products available while applying state of the art equipment and technology.